One Game a Month: Failed Edition

Last month I failed in creating a game for #1GAM. I did a lot of other things, though.

In the very beginning of the month I spent a considerable amount of time trying to optimize some scripts I made for previous games. I rewrote some of them in a way that they could be easily reused and/or adapted for future prototyping purposes. Unfortunately, since I spent most of this time creating demos, I didn’t make something playable.

Then came the Ludum Dare. @sittaman and I participated but we did not finished the game in time. To be more precise, we were not very happy with the game design so we dropped the jam idea in order to polish the game properly. I’ll probably post something about it soon.

After the Ludum Dare weekend I took a break and choose to not try to rush anything just for the #1GAM. However, in the very next saturday I woke up with a crazy game ideia I felt compelled to work on. I made the core game mechanics in one afternoon (even posted a gif here!). I guess I could have finished it in time for the 4th-of-each-month deadline but as I said before I chose not to rush anything. Besides, I had things to improve and bugs to fix. 

Speaking of bugs, one of the main issues I’ve had during the development was with the linear interpolation between two values. I used it on things like the platform movement and the resultant behaviour was weirdly bumpy and jittery. I think it can easily be spotted here. Turned out that the solution was pretty simple after all. I did some research and found this useful thread which I recommend reading:

As it is now Empty Room (the name I gave to the game) is pretty playable. It definitely needs some balancing since it relies so much on random content. Though to be honest I’m quite happy with the result. I think it is a concept that has some potential if properly polished. Anyway, it is time to move on.

Without further ado, you can play Empty Room here:

Even though I failed to deliver the game in time I will still follow up the #1GAM schedule which means I will still trying to make one game a month.

That said, if you excuse me, I’ll start thinking about my next game. I’m quite late.

One Game a Month: March Edition

Here is my March #1GAM entry:

This time things got a little messed up. I spent at least two weeks watching every single episode from Breaking Bad and after that I got involved in some still on going projects with friends. So I just started making my March entry in the past few days and I’ve decided to make something more simplistic in order to still respect the 4th-of-each-month deadline of One Game a Month. Since I always wanted to put together an infinite runner prototype and it seemed like a proper occasion, so I did. The game surely lacks some balancing, tweaks and more content, but as it stands #191919 (the actual name I gave to it) is pretty much what I was hoping for. I mean, at least for a prototype made in two afternoons. Besides, it taught me how to synchronize audio and animation in Unity (yeah, I did not know how to do that) and I definitely had some fun making it.

By the way, I’ve made the art and the sound effects are from Bfxr.

Any feedback will be really appreciated!

Now if you excuse me, I’ll start thinking about my next game.


One Game a Month: February Edition

Here is my february #1GAM entry:

I’ve got to admit this time I was a little bit uninspired due to personal reasons. Anyway I managed to finish the game. The development process ended up being weird. Mostly because I made a prototype in one hour or so and then did not touched it for days - weeks if you will. It was only in the past few weeks that I came back into it and even then in a really slow pace. I made some pixel art with a weird pallette and added a couple of sound effects made on Bfxr and this one I found on I also improved the code and added some particle effects.

As always I feel like I could have done more and more. Unfortunately, it’s time to move on. 

I would really appreciate any feedback!

Now if you excuse me, I’ll start thinking about my next game.